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Abraham's NEWBURYPORT We would like to thank all of our loyal customers and the whole Newburyport community for all your support through the past 13 months. We would especially like to thank The Daily News of Newburyport, Buttermilk Baking Company, The Grog, The Thirsty Whale, all of our neighbors at East Row condominiums, L&M Property Management. We are deeply indebted to all the contractors who worked on this project, especially Stark & Cronk Plumbing, Palermo Electric, Newburyport Lighting, Alternative Sales, Don Walton and Rich Horden. A big thank you to Jess Caven and Hilary Larson, who initiated the GoFundMe and to all the businesses and community who attended the Fired Up Newburyport event in which all the funds raised went to our employees. We would also like to thank the firefighters and police officers from all the communities who battled the fire, and The City of Newburyport, especially the Building and Health Departments. Laurie Contrino, from the Firehouse Center of the Arts, I love you. If you are in need you could never have a better friend on your side. Kevin and Ron, from Partridge in a Bear Tree, you are the best neighbors and friends anyone could ask for. Rob and Charlie of Liberty Law and their wonderful staff, if I get arrested I want you on my side. My dear friend Ann Ormond and all the great people at the Chamber of Commerce, you guys helped so much. You never know when you will need their help. They are always there. To all the folks at The Poynt and Brick & Ash thank you for your support and friendship. Thank you to our friends at Starboard Galley for allowing us to hold our meetings. Also our friends at The Provident Bank, thank you. Lastly I would love to thank my family. First and foremost my son Anthony who is autistic and lives in a residential facility in Methuen. I would love to thank him and all the staff. Because of the reconstruction, I have not been able to take Anthony home on a regular basis. Everyone at the residential home has been so supportive and kind. I promise now I can bring bagels and cream cheese. I love you all. To my wonderful family and friends Tom Coffey, Jim Cowling and the fabulous Hines family. Every time I drive over Derek's bridge I know I'm home. To Leona, Pat, Peggy, Richard, Clifford, Betsy, Patricia, Brian, Jim, Michelle, Janet, Shirley, Joanne, Liz, Martha, Morgan, Jean, Kate, Steve and most importantly Mike Cook who made my wonderful fence and gate. If you are ever up in Londonderry, NH you have to stop at his restaurant Harold Square, it is the best. To my wonderful staff, you are the best and I love you all. Love Linda THANK YOU Linda Garcia and the staff of Abraham's Bagels. "We're Fresh" 11 Liberty St., Newburyport, MA - 978-465-8184 -

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