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George "Sonny" Tylus

TOWN OF SALEM VOTE YES ON ARTICLE 5 **TUESDAY MARCH 13TH ** 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM** WATER/SEWER/BRIDGE INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENTS ARE CRITICAL FOR THE TOWN OF SALEM SALEM, NH MAJOR WATER MAIN BREAK IN ROUTE 28 MAJOR WATERLINE BREAK IN ROUTE 28 WATERLINES ARE OVER 100 YEARS OLD ROUTE 28 CULVERT FAILED - FLOODING ON ROUTE 28 AND WESTCHESTER STREET NEIGHBORHOOD ROAD CLOSED SHUTTING DOWN ROUTE 28 FOR WATER MAIN BREAKS AND FOR FLOODING * Water main infrastructure on Route 28 is over 100 years old and is continuously breaking down. * The Town of Salem has already invested $ 747,000 in water main improvements to date in anticipation of completing this critical work. * The $ 10 million dollars slated for the sewer/water portion of the bond will be paid for with existing and proposed betterment fees (DBA), not tax dollars. ENDORSED BY Senator Chuck Morse Larry Belair Michael Collins James Keller Mike Carney, Jr. Sue Covey Travis Terry Jamie Santos Jim Desjardins Howie Glynn Sue Desjardins Keith Belair Gene Bryant Everett McBride Gino Baroni Joanne Flynn Sonny Tylus Donna Morris Mike Lyons Bob Slein Mike Delahanty Mary Reese John Morris Carol Arnold Aaron Shamshoyan Salem Chamber of Commerce Mark Pearson Lisa Withrow Lenny Borchers * VOTE YES ON ARTICLE 5 * George "Sonny" Tylus 41 Teague Drive Salem, NH

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